Shanga welcome board

In 2017, I visited Shanga, a workshop in Arusha, Tanzania, and fell in love with the beautiful items, the talented artisans, and sustainable mission. Shanga is a unique studio and workspace that employs people with disabilities to make sustainable, functional, artistic, pieces in the local traditions. 

I learned how to make glass beads, watched artisans make beaded jewelry, and learned about how items are made from recycled/upcycled materials. I listened to their stories. The items made there are breathtaking and I stocked up on dozens of necklaces and bracelets to bring home for gifts.

Each time I travel, whether to the neighborhood next door or a new country, I seek out finely crafted, handmade items to gift and makers to celebrate. I love hearing and sharing stories of creativity. Why stop with my friends and family? 

And so, From Here to Home Essentials was born. 

Each collection is carefully curated and ethically purchased. Pieces are super limited- once they're gone, that's it! Pieces are shipped using recycled materials (and biodegradable when possible). A percentage of profits from each collection are donated back to artists and maker communities so they can continue sharing their talent with the world.

Shop beautiful handmade goods, From Here to Home!

About Lindsey

Hi, I'm Lindsey! I'm passionate about ending all forms of oppression, exploring and saving the planet, and heavy metal music. I believe one way we save the world is by listening to one another's stories and developing empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. 

In addition to being the curator at From Here to Home, I run MissHeard Media, a media and events company that teaches young women real-life skills and educates those who love them. 

I'm thrilled to share these unique and beautiful items with you and your family! 


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